How Much Will It Cost To Build A Garage On My Ottawa Property?

For many Ottawa area homeowners adding a new garage onto their property whether attached to the home or a separate building entirely also know as a detatched garage, is the answer to more storage space.  A garage lets you keep your vehicle, boat or toys safe, dry and secure.   Another popular reason for adding a garage or shop is the possibility to … [Read more...]

Waterproofing A Leaky or Cracked Foundation

When a homeowner comes to us with a foundation problem, we take it seriously.  While every foundation and waterproofing issue we come across can be caused by different issues, the repair often follows the same principals so we can ensure a consistent success rate with our client projects.  When excavators and digging on the property is involved it … [Read more...]

Landscaping Your Newly Purchased Nepean or Ottawa ON Property

Landscaping Your Newly Purchased Nepean or Ottawa ON Property Have you just bought a home in the area and want to improve your landscaping? Have you just purchased an older home in an established neighborhood in Nepean?  Chances are you’re dealing with a very established and mature landscape too! Hog's Back, Rideau View, Mooney's Bay, Skyline, … [Read more...]

What Are Your Home Renovation Plans For 2018?

What Are Your Home Remodeling Plans For 2018? Here are a few home renovation ideas you might be interested in! Another year is about to pass and if you're a homeowner you've probably got a list of things you’d like to do with your home.  If you've got some home renovations or home improvement projects on the radar this year then you might find … [Read more...]

Building a Deck On Your Nepean or Ottawa Home This Spring?

Often spring time is one of the busiest times of the year for homeowners, we’re coming out of the winter and many people are thinking about their summer and what smaller projects around the house can be done to help make it more enjoyable.  If you’re looking for the ultimate home improvement project to provide relaxation and enjoyment look no … [Read more...]