Custom Screening

Custom Screening Services in Ottawa and Surrounding

We offer on-site or off-site screening services!

Nepean General Contractors offers on-site and off-site custom screening services. Our portable screening plant can bs used to screen stripped topsoil on construction sites so it can be reused as topsoil for finish grading. Where this material would traditionally be hauled off-site for disposal – our portable screener can be brought to site to allow the material to be screened at the jobsite. This can save on costly trucking fees associated with hauling material out (and often back in later). This approach is not only environmentally friendly as it deals with material at the source and works to keep material on-site for reuse – it also offers cost savings to the project which is welcomed in a world of constantly rising costs.

Screening Stripping Topsoil for Reuse

Topsoil is a hot commodity in the Ottawa Valley. With soil conditions ranging across the full spectrum – from sand to clay – topsoil is often shallow in depth. In some areas – shallow bedrock can be found at or just below the surface, without topsoil present. With it being so shallow – but necessary for healthy grass growth – it can be costly to source. Whether you’re planning a new detached garage or new home, you’re likely to need finish grading around the completed project. Finish grading services usually include bringing in fresh topsoil to topdress the area before laying sod or seed. By screening the material that was originally excavated off for your new project – you can re-use the material generated on-site and save the cost of hauling in fresh material (or reduce the amount that needs to be brought out or in!)

Screening Stockpiles

If you have stripped and stockpiled material on-site – we can bring in our portable screening unit and process material on-site. We offer this service to general contractors as well as private homeowners. Our portable screening unit will filter out the large rocks and clumps of dirt. These clumps and rocks are set aside and considered waste (but can be used as fill material under suitable conditions). The output from the screener is a useable product suitable for fine finish grading. Topsoil should be light, fluffy and easy to work with – and the material from the screener is just that!

New Construction – Excavated Materials

If you’re building a new home – it’s likely there will be material generated from excavating for the new foundation. Rather than hauling the excavated material off-site and paying costly trucking and disposal fees, we can process the material on-site, screen it – and use it as backfill.

Rural Properties – Old Stockpiles

Old abandoned stockpiles from former development can be processed and converted to useable material.

Screening – Various Materials

In addition to offering screening services for topsoil, we can also screen the following:

  • Sand;
  • Gravel;
  • Dirt.

If you have a specific medium you would like screened but not mentioned above, contact us today to see how we can be of service.

Custom Mixes

Nepean General Contractors also offers custom mixing services. Whether you’re looking for a particular blend for your on-site walking trails, your gardens, or need a special filter media for your bioretention system (or raingarden!), we can work with you to mix custom blends of materials to suit your project.

Why Choose Nepean General Contractors for Your Screening Project?

When you choose Nepean General Contractors for your screening project you are partnering with a local business that has been serving the Ottawa area for many years.  You can count on your project being completed on time, within your budget and with a level of workmanship and attention to detail you won’t find with other contractors.

We’ll maintain a safe working environment and we’ll protect your property from any damage while using our machines. The end result is to meet all of your excavation and screening goals while leaving minimal trace of our presence. Our business has continued to grow through word-of-mouth from our many happy customers who refer us to friends and family. It’s through our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that we can continue doing what we do best!

If you’d like an estimate for your project please fill out the Request an Estimate form found on this page. We respond to all digitalrequests, generally within 1-2 business days. If you haven’t heard back from us – check your spam folder!