Excavation Ottawa and Nepean ON

Excavating and Skid-Steer Services in Nepean and Ottawa.

Excavating and Skid-Steer Services Nepean and Ottawa
Excavation For Construction and Landscaping In Small and Tight Access Areas.

There are many landscaping related projects that are just too much for shovels and wheelbarrows and heavy equipment must be brought in.  Mini-excavators and skid steers are two of the most versatile work-horses available to a residential contractor or landscaper and they can make short work of most earth moving endeavours.


We have a few unique pieces of equipment in our fleet that allow us to efficiently move large volumes of materials in tight spaces.

Our compact excavator can fit through a 46″ gate, and dig up to 8’6″ deep. It can be equipped with a variety of attachments including a grading bucket, digging bucket, ripper, auger (9-18″ bits), and thumb.

Our mini skid steer can fit through a 38″ gate, and can lift up to 5’11” high. It teams up well with our compact excavator when doing foundation repairs, waterproofing, additions, or landscape projects, or retaining walls. This machine can be outfitted with a 1 yard hopper for moving high volumes of materials in tight spaces, 2 different size buckets (36″, or 44″), pallet forks or an auger (bits from 9-24″)

Our full size track skid steer can fit through a 78″ opening, and lift up to 9’6″ high. It is an excellent machine for moving large volumes of materials quickly. It is well suited to grading, lawn renovations, driveway projects, and other projects where large quantities of materials will need to be moved. This machine can be equipped with attachments ranging from various buckets, pallet forks, harley rake, auger (9-36″ bits), or even a boom pole for setting trusses.

Nepean General Contractors is a full service landscaping and excavation contractor based out of Nepean, ON.  We specialize in providing landscaping and excavation services for residential and light commercial projects.

To protect your property we put down ground protection mats and non marking mats when excavating or travelling through sensitive areas such as an established landscape or nice brick driveway. Our equipment is also equipped with tracks to work in softer ground conditions.

If you have a landscaping or excavation project that would be a good fit for our equipment let us know!

Mini Excavating and Skid-Steer Services in Nepean and Ottawa

Why Choose Nepean General Contractors For Mini-Excavation and Skid-Steer Services?

Nepean General ContractorsWhen you choose Nepean General Contractors for your excavation or skid-steer project you’re partnering with a small team of local craftsman.  We’re a small outfit but we like it that way because it keeps the quality of our workmanship in a category other contractors can’t touch.

We work one project at a time so that you get the best in our personal service.  Alan Shade (owner) is always on site and readily available to help you and make sure your project deadlines are met without surprises or hassles.

If you’d like an estimate for your smaller excavation project please give us a call (613) 894-8683 or fill out our email form and we’ll get back to you shortly.