Foundation Digging for an Addition in Hintonburg, Ottawa, Ontario

Nepean General Contractors was contacted by a homeowner looking to construct an addition on their existing dwelling in the Hintonburg neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario. The homeowner had already retained the necessary designers and professionals to prepare the design drawing, and had acquired a permit for the project from the City. We were supplied with the permit drawings to prepare our construction cost estimate for the excavation works.

The Setup

The first step of the project involved layout for excavation, which Alan did in reference to the approved plans. Layout is when the contractor uses the drawings to measure out in the field what has been proposed on the drawings. It’s the first step in bringing the design off the page and into reality. The excavation area is typically a little larger than the actual building area – as the foundation installers need room to be able to work and set everything up for their part of the project.

Pictured: Excavation complete and ready for concrete contractor. Excess material needed for backfill left on-site to limit hauling fees.

The Process

After completing the layout, the area was excavated to the depths shown on the design drawings. The excess material was hauled off and disposed of, while a small amount of material was left onsite to fill back in around the foundation once the concrete work was complete. The client managed the project themselves and coordinated with the concrete crews after we completed the excavation. After the concrete contractor had completed the walls, and the concrete had cured for the appropriate length of time, we came back to finish the job by backfilling around the foundation.

Pictured: Concrete work completed (by others) and backfill completed around the perimeter of the foundation.

Site Challenges

The site had a number of challenges, as many City lots do. Access to the rear of the house was tight and material had to be hauled off through a laneway that was shared with the adjacent neighbour. The project was also on a deadend street – and although that typically means less traffic (which is good) – it also makes it more challenging to turn large equipment around. The foundation was also close to an existing fenceline – which meant larger equipment did not fit in between the foundation and fence to backfill the area after the concrete work was complete. Through careful planning and use of our specialized equipment, we were able to complete the work despite the tight constraints.

Pictured: Limited space was left between the existing fenceline and the new foundation – making backfill along the side of the foundation challenging.

How Can We Help?

At Nepean General Contractors, we have a variety of equipment. This allowed us the luxury of being able to choose the best tools for the job. We own our own dump trucks, which means we can efficiently haul off material; rather than waiting on rented trucks. And as we have multiple size trucks for hauling – it also means we are able to fit on most properties that fit our equipment – to directly load our trucks (rather than having to carry the material long distances and then load the truck).

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