Utility Trenching – New Construction

Have you recently completed a new home construction? Now that you are ready to move in – one of your first priorities is getting your telephone or cable line connected!

But a little known fact – did you know that many times the cable and telephone installation companies don’t trench your newly installed cable and telephone lines?

Many new cable and telephone connections are installed just barely below the surface. They also don’t generally keep particularly great records of where on the property the lines were installed. That means that anytime you have work done on your property – whether it be a driveway repair or some landscaping, or even just putting in a new garden – there is the risk that your cable or telephone line could get damaged or cut! Some are even buried shallow enough you might hit it with the lawn tractor when mowing your grass!

Generally, the service provider comes out and sets up a new line for free if it has been hit…but in the meantime you are down precious hours (or sometimes days!) with no internet, phone or tv. With many of us working from home – this can mean costly downtime.


Anytime you are digging – whether it be with a hand shovel or an excavator – you should contact Ontario One Call so they can flag the location of any buried infrastructure on your property. The system isn’t perfect however, and you may still find that even after requesting locates, you may still find buried infrastructure that wasn’t flagged. Sometimes – this even includes recent telephone and cable lines!

How Can We Help?

Nepean General Contractors is here to help mitigate risk. We can come and dig a new utility trench to bury your cable or telephone wire, minimizing the chances of it getting damaged in the future. This is something that can be done as a standalone project; done right before your new cable or telephone hookup; or done as part of a larger scope of work, like finish grading your property in preparation of topsoil and grass.

Contact Nepean General Contractors Today

Properly burying your utilities is important to minimizing their damage! Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your utility trenching needs. In addition to installations for new construction – cable and phone hookup – we can also help with utility trenching for propane, natural gas, electrical or even drainage pipes! Fill out our contact form on our webpage and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. If you haven’t heard from us – check your spam filter!

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