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Concrete Slab Construction

Concrete slabs are usually the most important of your construction project and they require a little more thought than just pouring concrete.  In Ottawa we have to deal with freezing weather which requires the concrete slabs to be constructed a little differently than in a much warmer climate.  A concrete slab that is not constructed properly can sink or settle which leads to cracks in the slab, walls pulling away and separating from the ceiling, and have other issues that are costly to repair.  Your concrete slab is the foundation of your construction project so it’s important that it’s built right the first time.

Nepean General Contractors is a full service general contractor based out of Ottawa, Ontario. We specialize in all aspects of residential concrete work including the framing, pouring, and finishing of concrete slabs for new homes, shops, garages, sheds, patios, and more.  If you need to have a concrete slab designed and built for a specific purpose we’ll be able to help!

We Build Concrete Slabs For:

  • New homes or buildings
  • Shops and garages
  • Parking pads
  • Patios
  • Sheds

What Will You Be Using The Concrete Slab For?

Depending on what you need the concrete slab for we can adjust the thickness of the slab to support whatever surcharge you’ll be putting on top of the concrete.  If you’re building a shop and plan on working on trucks or heavy equipment you’ll need a thicker, more reinforced slab than someone who is looking to have a simple garage built.  During our initial consultation we’re going to ask you several questions about what you plan on putting on top of the concrete slab and what it will be used for so we can determine the type, thickness, and size of the slab you’re going to need.  This helps us put together a proper estimate for you and helps us with the permitting process as well.

If you’d like an estimate for your concrete slab project please give us a call (613) 894-8683 or fill out our email form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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About Nepean General Contractors
Nepean General Contractors is a small, detail-driven, general contracting and excavation company based out of Ottawa, Ontario. We specialize in excavating services, general construction of shops, garages, and home additions, foundation construction, basement waterproofing, and foundation repair.  Our excavating services include lot and land clearing, utility trenching, driveway installation, post hole digging, excavating foundations, drainage system installations, and more.

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